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Nick Lee Aug 26

Cullman County Schools continues to monitor COVID-19 numbers at our 29 campuses and make appropriate adjustments as needed to protect students, faculty, and staff. As of Wednesday, August 25, student enrollment absences due to either a positive COVID test, or because they have been identified as a close contact, is reaching one-third. As a result, the following campuses will transition to remote learning beginning Friday, August 27.
• Good Hope Primary
• Good Hope Elementary
• Good Hope Middle
• Good Hope High
• Parkside K-8
Students at the above-named schools will come to school tomorrow (Thursday 8/26) to pick up assigned equipment and materials needed for remote learning. The current plan is for students to return to campus on Friday, September 10. Once students return from remote learning, masks will be required at the affected campuses for one week. During this one-week period, we will evaluate the numbers on each of these campuses. In the event any school has absences of 15 percent, masks will be required.
The only athletic practices and games that will be permitted are those which are associated with varsity, regional/area games that have end-of-the-year playoff implications. At these games, attendance will be limited to 2 people per athlete (player, cheerleader, band member). The teams that have such games during this remote learning period will be allowed to practice as long as they follow the established protocols. All other extracurricular activities will be suspended during this period for all ages.
“As always, the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff is our number one priority. Second to their safety, is the ability to facilitate high quality learning for all students. With one-third of the students at these schools being absent and as numbers continue to grow, we must make the necessary steps to continue face-to-face instruction and keep everyone safe.” said Dr. Shane Barnette, Cullman County School Superintendent.
The district has established benchmarks that will require masks in the event any school absences reach 15 percent. Masks are strongly recommended at all schools and are required at schools with absences at 15 percent. Schools that reach a 20 percent absence rate will transition to remote.
From Cullman County Schools