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Logan Fire New Search And Rescue Tools

Nick Lee Aug 22

Tuesday Logan Fire & Rescue purchased a new boat to be used on Smith Lake for SEARCH AND RECOVERY and will also be purchasing the EXPLORER MK 2 SONAR as pictured below .

This is a 60k sonar that we have been needing for helping recover drowning victims on Smith Lake . This system is one of the systems used by outside agencies when they are called here because nobody around here has anything like this . Logan Fire will be rigging the new boat with this sonar . Once rigged and in service this boat will be able to be utilized on all of Smith Lake when needed and any other area if needed .

Logan Fire and Recuse said on the Facebook page, “we tired of not having the right equipment here in Cullman County for search .”

There will be other Depts across the county that join the lake involved with all of this also . We want to have several people from the surrounding depts trained on the boat and sonar operations . The sonar training will have to be done in Virginia . And some training will be done here locally by other agencies that have pledged to come help get this system setup up and going . 7 depts surround Smith Lake and Logan Fire is trying their best to have the boats and tools needed for Fires , Boat Accidents , Drownings or whatever it may be .

From: Logan Fire and Rescue

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