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The Downtown Grill to reopen with expansion and new bar

Nick Lee Feb 23

“Hello everyone! First, we would like to thank you all for being so patient with us. We have been working diligently on finding solutions to get the DTG back up and running. We are so pleased to announce that we have purchased to building to the left of us, which means we are OFFICALLY expanding and will be adding a bar.

We have been working very close with our architect and the city on this expansion. Making sure the safety and expectations of our customers are being met. We have offically sent our drawings to the city, as soon as we get an approval we can begin construction. We ask you please continue to be patient with us as we still do not have an official open date. This will depend on materials, equipment, and labor.

We will continue to work hand and hand with the building inspector and local contractors. Now that we have some of the big obstacles out of the way, we will be able to provide more updates as they come. Most of all, we want to thank our patrons for helping our dreams for the DTG become reality. All of the love and support of our community is what keeps us going. We are getting closer and so excited to be able to serve you all again soon Cullman!”

From The Downtown Grill