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Nick Lee May 25

It was a Tuesday…the 141st day of 1985. School was ending with Summer knocking on the door. It was 14 years before we ever heard of Columbine. It was that Tuesday in May 1985, that many believe Deputy William “Bill” Biles gave his life preventing a possible school shooting.
At 8:28am Deputy William “Bill” Biles interacted with a vehicle with the tag 47U-3818 near A.P. Brewer High School. The vehicle left the area.
At 1:16pm Deputy Biles noticed the same vehicle from earlier back around the school. He radioed in that he was looking into the suspicious vehicle with the tag 47U-3818.
Four minutes later he radioed for assistance and stated he had been shot.
In those four minutes…. Deputy Biles stated that he had “stopped the Ford Mustang automobile and was approaching the driver’s side to ask for the driver’s identification when he saw the barrel of a gun. He attempted to grab the barrel and push it toward the driver and away from his head. As he reached for the barrel, he heard a “click” but did not know if it was the safety or the hammer on the weapon. Just as he touched the barrel, he heard the weapon fire and felt his chest burn.” He returned fire, striking the vehicle several times, with one striking the gas tank.
An hour later, a couple who had been listening to the scanner notified a Cullman County Deputy that a car matching the description was at Hebron Church. The Cullman County Deputy, joined by a Blount County Deputy approached the vehicle, now out of gas, and directed the subject to throw out the weapon and exit the car. He eventually did.
The subject was arrested dressed in camouflage with a Colt AR-15 semi-automatic rifle; 284 rounds of 9 mm ammunition; 88 rounds of 223 caliber ammunition; two rifle clips and a knife.
The subject, a juvenile and former Brewer student, dealing with mental health issues was convicted of capital murder but committed suicide in prison in 1989. We will never know his true intentions. Those that were there and students from that time credit Deputy Biles with saving lives that day.
Deputy William “Bill” Biles succumbed to his wound two days later on May 23, 1985. While being treated at Hartselle Hospital, he stated “please take care of Dot(his wife)and those kids”. We pray that we have!
Deputy Biles is a hero. Each May, the Biles family joins us at the memorial that bears the name of the Husband, Father they lost on that 141st day in 1985…it was a Tuesday.

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