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Cullman City Schools students set high bar with 2022 English Language Arts ACAP results

Nick Lee Aug 08

More than 80 percent of second and third graders in Cullman City Schools tested proficient or above in the 2022 English Language Arts ACAP standardized assessment.

The results from the 2022 administration of the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program in English Language Arts for second and third grade students were recently released by the Alabama State Department of Education. The results from the comprehensive assessment administered last spring show 84 percent of Cullman City’s second grade students and 82 percent of third graders tested proficient or above. Although there are no results from 2021 to compare the second grade students, the third grade students performed 8 percent higher than those in third grade last year.

“I am very pleased with these results and look forward to the full release of our 2022 test results. I am confident that we are going to see growth across our entire school system,” superintendent Kyle Kallhoff said. “These results and this growth is a direct result of the commitment and dedication of our teachers, the support from our families and the effort from our students.”

From: Cullman City Schools