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University of Alabama to end covid protocols

Nick Lee Feb 28

“Given plummeting case numbers and the widespread availability of vaccines and treatments, and in consultation with public health guidance, The University of Alabama is ending its COVID-19 protocols:
Effective Monday, Feb. 21, masking will no longer be mandatory in indoor locations.

Campus-provided quarantine and isolation space will be phased out over the remainder of the semester.

CV19 case management and hotline services will remain available on a limited basis, consistent with declining cases.

Masking will remain in effect in patient care areas (including areas specifically designated by UA medical experts) and on public transportation (as mandated by federal law). Those who are sick or symptomatic may test at the Student Health Center or University Medical Center, seek treatment, and stay home when advised. Those at heightened risk — and especially those who are unvaccinated — are strongly advised to be vaccinated, boosted, continue to wear masks and continue to limit their interactions with others.”
From The University of Alabama

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