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Heads up Cullman County: Counterfeit bills could be in the area

Nick Lee Feb 28

During the past few weeks, the Decatur Police Department’s Financial Crimes Unit has seen an increase in illegitimate currency circulating through the city of Decatur.
The Decatur Police Department urges all merchants and residents to pay close attention to the currency that they may receive. The attached photos are just a few examples of the types of illegitimate currency that are circulating through the city. Please make note of the words “REPLICA”, “PLAY MONEY” and the Chinese symbols on the bills. The currency can be in any denomination.
If any person or merchant receives or locates any type of illegitimate currency, we urge you to contact the Decatur Police Department at 256-341-4660.
You may also visit www.uscurrency.gov to confirm the authenticity of currency.
We have also received reports of counterfeit $100 bills that are legitimate $10 bills. The Decatur Police Department stresses to all merchants and businesses to thoroughly inspect any and all currency that is received as payment.
The Decatur Police Department highly recommends the use of UV light as the most thorough and accurate counterfeit currency detection, as fraudsters have numerous methods of remaining undetectable by counterfeit currency detection pens.
From Decatur Police Department