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Have you ever seen a tree like this?

Nick Lee Feb 28

While recently inventorying a stand of timber at Barbour WMA, our Forester happened upon this interesting find. This is a lower trunk section of a poplar tree – that at some point in the past either fell or was knocked down and stayed down long enough to produce these five large coppice shoots. Following woody plant’s phototrophic standards, they grew vertically for years until some interesting wind or other event occurred that pushed the shoots at just the right angle to stand the main trunk back up! The result is a rarely-seen tree orientation that also doubles as a terrific natural ground blind. Walks through the woods reveal natural wonders of all shapes and sizes, so when you are out chasing game or scouting on our WMAs, don’t forget to appreciate the neat finds that await you there.
From Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division

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