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Nick Lee Aug 26

Dear Members,
As you are aware, we are currently experiencing a COVID outbreak in our area, and we are experiencing the effects of this outbreak here at Cullman Electric Cooperative. We currently have several employees in our operations department who have been infected and several more who have been exposed. Luckily, we have not had any serious cases resulting in hospitalization to date, but the loss of employees in the workforce has an effect on our ability to perform our daily tasks.
We will continue to perform outage restoration work and will prioritize keeping the lights on for our members. However, some new service work and other day-to-day work may take longer to complete than normal. You, as a member, can help us by doing the following:
If our employees are on your property, please maintain a social distance of 6 feet from them.
If you have business at our main office or our Addison office, please only bring a maximum of 2 people into our buildings. We don’t require masks, but we do recommend that you use masks in our buildings.
Stay safe and take care of yourself and your family. The more we as a community can slow the spread, the better for everyone.
We have changed our internal procedures to try to minimize the impact of the outbreak as much as possible. We are not having large meetings in our facility and are remotely working and dispatching work as much as possible. We have recently experienced a high volume of work connecting new services and this outbreak only intensifies issues caused by increased workflow. It is great that our community continues to grow and prosper, but high volume combined with a smaller workforce results in a delay. In addition, material supply disruptions have caused delays in the delivery of materials that we use every day to build the system to serve you.
We apologize for any delays; we are working to make things better.
Tim Culpepper. CEO
Cullman Electric Cooperative
Photo by: John Phillips