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Nick Lee Aug 08

Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, hosted by the Alabama Republican Party(ALGOP), has officially announced President Trump will be holding a rally in Cullman on August 21st at 7:00p.m.

John Wahl, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, today officially announced Cullman and “York Family Farms” as the location of the rally August 21st at 7:00p.m. Cullman was a prime location because it’s in the heart of the 4th congressional district, which is the most Republican district in the nation, and particularly Cullman County giving President Trump almost 90% of the vote in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, respectively. Wahl also noted via email ALGOP will have their state executive meeting in Cullman as well on the 21st and looks forward to welcoming the thousands of people who they expect to attend the rally to welcome President Trump to Cullman.
Several local leaders played key roles in this process to make sure President Trump was able to visit Cullman.

Among those is Cullman County Economic Development Director Bradley Williams. Williams previously was elected to be a Delegate for President Trump at the Republican National Convention in 2016, and again in 2020. Williams contacted his sources that work alongside President Donald Trump to pitch the idea of making a stop in Cullman for a rally after the U.S.S Alabama Battleship was denied.

A few weeks ago, the campaign reached back out to Williams to let him know that Cullman hosting a Trump rally was a real possibility.
State Senator Garlan Gudger worked alongside ALGOP Chairman John Wahl, local leaders, private businesses and the local Cullman County Republican Party within the last couple weeks to do everything possible to make sure Cullman was the site selected to host the rally, which ultimately came to pass.

Cullman County officials such as Sheriff Matt Gentry, from the law enforcement perspective, and Chairman Jeff Clemons and Mayor Woody Jacobs, from an economic impact perspective, were very supportive when Senator Gudger spoke to them about the possibility of Cullman hosting the rally.
“I believe this will be a huge event for Cullman to be able to host President Trump. We anticipate having thousands of people traveling in from all over Alabama, as well other states, to see President Trump at this rally,” said Senator Garlan Gudger.

“Even though this developed rather quickly, we went into ‘teamwork’ mode in making the City of Cullman the best potential site to host an address by the former President. Anytime a former President, or sitting President, regardless of party affiliation, reach out to come to our City and address folks, we want to make sure that we give them the best opportunity for that to happen. That takes a lot of people working together. This is a rare, historical event for Cullman. It goes without saying that the City is very excited for this opportunity and we will be willing to help in anyway that we are able and can. Our primary focus is to make sure this event is safe, family-friendly, and memorable. We look forward to show off our town and our hospitality,” said Mayor Woody Jacobs.
“The Trump visit and rally will have a major economic impact on Cullman, no doubt about that. I have gone to these events and seen the thousands of people who attend them which means they stay in your hotels, eat in our restaurants, visit our locals businesses and much more helping our local economy,” said Cullman County Economic Development Director Bradley Williams.

“I tell everyone Cullman is the greatest county in Alabama and we have the best citizens in the state. I look forward to welcoming President Trump to Cullman and working with the Secret Service, the Cullman Police Department and other law enforcement to make sure this event is safe for everyone who wishes to attend,” said Sheriff Matt Gentry.
“I am glad that everyone worked together so that we will be able host President Trump here in Cullman County. I know that this will be a wonderful event and great for our local economy,” said Chairman Jeff Clemons.