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New sign on Cullman County Road 469 helps remind people to designate a driver.

Don Dejong Jun 11

With the Alan Jackson drive-in concert in Cullman this weekend, Ashley Lee Wilson of Curt’s Closet wanted to help remind people to drink responsibly and to not drive under the influence.

” My two main goals in life are to never let my son’s legacy die and to bring awareness and a stop to driving under the influence. I saw a sign similar to the ones that were recently placed in memory of my son, Curt Wilson, on MADD Facebook page. I knew immediately I had to get one made for Cullman and have my son’s name on it. That was last year sometime, since then I have reached out to employees of the county, I never received a response. Which I understand, no hard feelings. But I was not going to give up. I had prayed about and kept asking around. Then two weeks ago I had very good friends, Willy & Camilla Hendrix, reach out to me and expressed she wanted to have a yard sign made before the Alan Jackson concert, since they lived on the road going to the property where it will be held. I was thrilled about this. I went on to tell her what my vision was, to have a permanent sign on county road 222 or going to the property of these upcoming concerts. She said “Let me see what I can do.” Well two short weeks later the signs are already up! The Hendrix have such an amazing heart, they paid for the expense of having the signs made and offered their property to place them on. I cannot thank them enough!! If it saves one life, it has done it’s job. I wish no one the pain I endure daily.” -Ashley Lee Wilson

Don DeJong -MCTV