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On February 24th Cullman Regional Is Offering FREE Prostate Cancer Screenings

On February 24th Cullman Regional Offering FREE Prostate Cancer Screenings

Cullman, AL — Cullman Regional is offering free Prostate Cancer Screenings on Monday, February 24th in the Cullman Regional Urology Clinic.

According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. The greatest risk factors for developing prostate cancer are family history, race and age. Prostate cancer is the second-most common cancer in U.S. men and is highly treatable if detected early.

“Unfortunately, there usually aren’t any early warning signs for prostate cancer,” said Urologist Lars Erik Wallin III, MD, Cullman Regional Urology Clinic. “In some cases, prostate cancer can cause symptoms, such as trouble urinating, painful or burning urination, weak urine flow and chronic pain in the back, hips or pelvis.”

Cullman Regional’s screenings offer opportunities to check your risk for prostate cancer through a PSA test and a digital prostate exam. The screening is available for men ages 50 – 69 or men over 40 who have a family history of prostate cancer. African American men have a higher risk for prostate cancer and should start getting screened at age 40.

“Prostate cancer is usually treatable in cases where it is detected early,” said Dr. Wallin. “That’s why it is important to know your risk factors and start getting screened regularly.”