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Firearms Safety Class

The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) will be hosting a Citizen’s Firearms Safety Class, Tuesday, December 10th @ 6:00PM and Live-fire on the following Saturday December 14th @ 8:00a.m.

The first class on Tuesday, Dec 10th, will be held at the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office Training Building, next to the CCSO main office.

The class will focus on safely handling a weapon, proper technique for shooting your weapon, cleaning your weapon, getting familiar with your weapon, and a power point will be shown as well.

Citizens may sign up to attend a Live-fire safety course that will be held at the CCSO range.

“We at the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office are advocates of our citizens having the knowledge and training they need to protect themselves,” said Sheriff Matt Gentry. ” I would add that we want them to also know how to handle the weapon safely and with this free training they are able to gain valuable knowledge in both these areas,” added Gentry.

To register please email Deputy Bradley Williams at [email protected], you may also call to ask questions at 256-734-0342.

Citizens do not have to register but it is encouraged as it gives CCSO deputies a good idea as to the number of participants attending the class.

Do NOT bring a gun or ammo on Tuesday night. This is a classroom portion only class.